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Decrease Pain and Tightness and Get Back to Doing What You Love! Join Melissa Russell, Expert Level Myofascial Therapist for Her Self-Created, Myofascial Stretch Method™ Classes! Great For All Levels! Offering Both LIVE and Recorded Classes!

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Saturday Class on Zoom with Replay $15

LIVE class on ZOOM with a 3-Day Replay! Join Melissa for Saturday's LIVE Myofascial Stretch Method™ class on ZOOM at 1 pm Central. $15 for ninety minutes of a whole new world of self-care. Great for ALL LEVELS!

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Myofascial Stretch Method videos on demand! A full library of videos including new recordings of the Myofascial Stretch Method™ class every week! Get the Theme of the Month videos plus a CLASS PASS to All Saturday LIVE Zooms! 

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Meet Melissa Russell

Expert Level Myofascial Therapist, Owner and Lead Therapist at her Myofascial Release clinic, Quantum Healing Arts, in St Louis, Missouri, and course instructor for the John F. Barnes' Method of Myofascial Release. With over twenty years of experience, Melissa created the Myofascial Stretch Method™;  classes that are based on the self-care techniques she teaches her one-on-one clients to decrease pain and tightness and get back to doing what they love!

Fascia Is the Way!

Discover the difference between regular ole' stretching and the Myofascial Stretch Method™! We hold all of our techniques; gentle sustained elongation and compression, at least 2-5 minutes that's needed for the fascia to release. What the heck is fascia?  


Quantum Healing Arts

Learn more about working with Melissa and her team at her clinic, Quantum Healing Arts, in St. Louis, Missouri. Offering Myofascial Release sessions, co-treatments with multiple therapists, women's health, and week-long intensives. Reclaim Your Body and Get Back to Doing What You Love!


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